3 Tools That Can Help Your B2B Ecommerce Website Grow

While B2C (business-to-consumer) has held an important proportion of the ecommerce market, things are now changing.

Today, more and more B2B ecommerce websites are springing up and we can see that B2B is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping. It is predicted that B2B is likely to grow faster and bigger than B2C companies.

What do you think about this? Is it time for you to start your B2B ecommerce business?

Reasons Why You Should Build B2B Ecommerce Website

If you want to understand the potential of the ecommerce industry, enter the B2B sector now. What is B2B eCommerce? Here are 3 good reasons why you should start your own B2B store.

● Customer-Focused Approach
What many entrepreneurs don’t realize is that B2B is more customer-focused than B2C.

You are working with companies and these companies prefer bulk buying. This means that each sale established a certain proportion of your overall revenue. A lost sale means you are losing money. It is important that you keep the needs of your potential customers before yours.

B2B customers expect dynamic pricing. A fixed price model can’t support this industry.
● Industry Size
It has been predicted that the B2B industry will reach a value of $1.2 trillion. Even though traditional B2B sales channels are preferred, B2B ecommerce will soon reach 13.1 of total sales in the US alone.

● 3. Changing Customers
When we think of B2B consumers, we usually imagine companies conducting transactions. However, these businesses are run by real people who have different roles in the industry and they are still looking for the same thing – convenient shopping experience. This is what B2B online stores deliver.

3 Tools to Help Prosper Your Ecommerce Business

If you are on the board with the concept of adding B2B ecommerce site to your model, you need the right tools.

Here are 3 essential tools that can help your business achieve new heights.

1.Shopify Plus

We can’t explain how important is for you to choose an ecommerce solution. The experience and the quality of your services you offer will depend on this decision.

Shopify Plus is one of the best B2B ecommerce platforms. Since it is an international solution, it helps you to expand your business to different markets. Even if you aren’t ready to grow today, having the right set of features ensures that scalability is never going to be a problem for you.

With Shopify Plus, you will be able to create an ecommerce website that works perfectly on various devices, using Shopify Pay for more secure and faster checkout, offer multichannel sales and marketing, personalize aspects of your website (for example, the checkout process), set increments, sync orders with the inventory management system, and more.

2. Omnia Dynamic Pricing

Not every ecommerce solution has a dynamic pricing model integrated and you must include this option if you want to succeed in the B2B industry.

The dynamic pricing tool controls the purchase history, how much your customers have spent in your store, which company or brand they represent, what discounts they are looking for, and etc.

By accessing customer data, the tool will offer different pricing lists to each and every customer.

By adding Omnia Dynamic pricing tool to your ecommerce store, you will be able to analyze competitor’s data, delivery dynamic pricing (regardless of the size of the portfolio), deliver value-based pricing, and more.

3. OptinMonster Personalization Tool

Customization is all about making your brand more attractive to your customers. OptinMonster will help you create personalized content for your website visitors. It is compatible with Shopify Plus.

You will be able to offer relevant deals and offers, create personalized pop-ups that will reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, offer coupons to new visitors, and more.

Use these 3 great tools to create the best shopping experience for your customers.

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